At Montana Kush our philosophy is that there's only one way to grow, which is through 100% natural cultivation. Many of our competitors prioritize volume thus running large operations which require a regular pesticide regiment. Here, we're different! We care about the medicinal quality of our plants above all else. We've found the best way to maximize the medicinal properties of cannabis is to keep grow rooms small so that each plant gets the individual attention it needs. We've always prioritized quality above all else, and that will never change.

Montana Kush Medical Marijuana

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Montana Kush is locally owned and operated in the Gallatin Valley of Southwest Montana. We live in a place that's perfect and pristine, and we plan on keeping it that way. We are both stewards of the land and protectors of our environment. These values are reflected in the way that we run our business and plan for the future.

We are also exceptionally proud that we employ local residents throughout the state of Montana. Our business would be nothing without our team, and we can't emphasize how fundamental they are in everything we do.So next time you're in the shop be sure to hug the budtender!


Montana Kush

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